On a roll…

I’ve been keeping busy here at home lately, which may explain the lack of posts over the past few days. I think I may have a case of delayed nesting or something, because suddenly I want everything to be organized and I want to craft (crochet, knit, sew, paint)… though I haven’t had as much time to craft as I may like.

Oh… and I have been baking… well, I baked twice in 3 days… I found a recipe for white  bread and tried it out on Saturday. The bread tasted so good and was gone so fast! I just had to make another loaf to day and it’s already half gone too! I took a lot of pictures while making it today, so a tutorial will be coming soon =)  (don’t worry, the stuffed deep dish recipe will be coming too, I haven’t forgotten about it, just haven’t made it since the last time)

I’m now wondering what else I can make… what else there is to do. I have an itch to do something with my hands… an itch to make something of myself. I’m thinking of projects, of perfecting crafts and of five year plans (but have yet to write them down)…

I’m starting to dream… and research… and learn. I have come to the realization that I love to talk the talk… to dream… to think “I can do this”… but am too scared to actually take the jump and do anything about it, because I don’t wan to “fail”. I am a perfectionist and a procrastinator… I put off doing things, because I want to make sure that they are done correctly… done perfectly. Because I have finally, after almost 33 years, come to this realization, I will be forcing myself to start small… to take that first step… and not get sidetracked with other projects.

And so… I am taking advantage of my local library… and they’re option to search for books online. I have placed holds on about 10 books tonight and hope to learn a lot from them.  I want this… and I think, in a way, that I need this too.

September has been good to me so far… it has breathed a breath of fresh air into my life and woke me up a bit. It has given me the motivation that I was hoping I would find. I know that I’m being a little vague right now, but remember… I am a procrastinating perfectionist, so I will be keeping my mouth shut until I feel the perfect time is here… and it will come… and you know that when it does, you will be the first to know!

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  1. I hope whatever is is you’re looking to start up becomes a huge success for you! I have been on a little bit of a homemaker mommy bit lately too. It feels good. I have yet to bake any bread but that is on my list! I can’t wait to see your tutorial.

  2. I am glad that you are finding inspiration/motivation and are seeking knowledge with regards to your “secret project”. There is something about fall (at least for me) that inspires me to create as well. This year I am channeling my inner interior designer and redecorating my living room. I hope that you find as much pleasure in your endeavor as I am finding in mine.

  3. Did you know that you will never succeed unless you fail? Did you know that it took Thomas Edison 10,000 tries to invent the light bulb? Could you imagine if he stopped before he succeeded? Even if you fail over and over and over ~ keep at it. You’ll get there.

    And dream ~ dream on until your dreams come true.

  4. Hey Gal! Hmmmm. I wonder if all this mystry, all this procrastination is because you are like me. I look around, see so many things I want to do and that NEED to be done, yet I sit and dream about them because I don’t know which to do first, so nothing gets done. LOL! I used to bake bread,but alas that too has gone by the wayside. I did it when the humidity was high and it didn’t rise correctly, so needless to say my bread didn’t turn out, and I’m afraid of “fao;ire” again.

    God Bless,

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