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For the past week, almost two, we’ve been battling whatever bug has decided the infiltrate the Midwest. It started out with some coughing, then morphed to sinus pressure/runny noses (and in Noah’s case a double ear infection) and now is changing again to a deeper, more throaty cough along with the sinus pressure/runny nose crud. Throw in a few fevers here and there and we really are a hot mess of a family right now.

So….. for this weeks Foto Friday I decided to post a picture of Noah and Ray atop Clingman’s Dome… those were much healthier days and I want them back!!

Noah and Ray on Clingman's Dome

You know I’m not feeling well if I’m in bed at 9:30… I really want to get rid of this bug so that we can take the kids to the pumpkin patch this weekend (please, please, please let the weathermen be wrong about the rain!)

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