7 1/2 months

Abby is 7 1/2 months old and I swear in the past week she has been hitting milestone after milestone!

It all started with her getting up onto her knees and crawling 1 or 2 paces… on the same day that she cut her first tooth!! I will admit that I cried a little when Noah got his first tooth, because I loved that gummy toothless smile. I didn’t with her though… she looks so cute with that little bit of white  popping out through her gums. Her second tooth is right  under the surface… so close that you can see it through the skin and I’m just waiting for it to pop through too.

She has gotten to be a little pro at crawling this past week and no longer army crawls. It takes her longer to do it the real way, but she is determined and loves every minute of it! She just gets this big grin on her face while she crawls… almost like she’s thinking to herself “Look what I can do! Now I can get to the cool toys!” and boy does she try! She loves playing with Noah’s cars… scratch that, she loves playing with any of Noah’s toys in general and prefers them over most of her own.

She also decided a few days ago that she wanted to move up in the world and has started pulling herself up onto her knees. She is moving so much faster that Noah did and it’s crazy. I have a feeling that she will be walking and talking much sooner than Noah was… though the only things she says so far are grunts, growls and gibberish.

She is still a great sleeper and goes down most of the time without much of a fuss. She’s really into her food and will let you know if you’re late in getting it to her. She’s still in size 3 diapers (has been for over 2 months) and is now wearing mostly size 6-9 month clothes. She’s a solid little girl… I’m not exactly sure of her weight right now, but if I had to guess… I would say she’s between 19 and 20 pounds. She adores her big brother and wants to be where ever he is and do what ever he’s doing.

She gives the best hugs ever! She snuggles up really close to you, wraps her little arms around your neck and then starts playing with your hair (or she pulls it… whatever…). She knows how to work her baby blues and can squeeze out giant sized crocodile tears faster than you can blink… she must have gotten her daddy’s drama gene!! 😉

I am so happy that she came into our lives and can not imagine a single day without her!

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  1. Beautiful – I can’t believe that Abby is already 7 1/2 months, where is time going?!?! That’s amazing on all of her milestones lately. And yes, the big siblings toys are MUCH more fun then their own! 🙂

  2. Abby is an absolute doll. Joycie turns 7.5 months this week and it was fun to compare her development to Abby and see the differences. Joycie, unlike Abby, has no interest in crawling. She prefers either to sit or to be pulling herself into a standing position. Joycie is also talking up a storm – her newest words are Uh-Oh, Yeah, and Nana (although it comes out more like Nona). Last night, I discovered her very first tooth poking thru and I did cry.

    When did our little girls start growing up?

    1. I have fun comparing their milestones too! That’s awesome that Joycie is talking! Be happy she’s not crawling yet… once they start moving, they don’t stop!

  3. Great, great, great, on the milestones and look at those blue eyes! Goodness, she is gorgeous. I can’t believe she is crawling already.
    I’m sure Noah is delighted by his new little admirer.

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