Sick, teeth and more milestones

This week has just kicked me in the butt and I’m hoping that next week is kinder to us! We’ve all beeen sick at some point this week… well Ray and I have been sick all week.

Noah came down with his first ear infection… not bad considering he’s 26 months old. Just to be sure it was really worth the pain, the infection had to be in both ears! Poor little boy! I took him to the pedi and was given amoxicillin, which seems to be doing the trick.  But the week wasn’t all runny noses and earaches for him… noooo. He also had yet another molar pop through.. for those of you keeping track that’s 3 molars in 2 weeks… giving him a total of 19 teeth now.

Little miss Abby has been the healthiest among us… she got off easy with just a runny nose… though she hates having it wiped. She also was able to boast a brand new tooth, which I found this past Friday. She didn’t want that to be her only milestone though and quickly decided yesterday was the day to start pulling herself up onto her feet!! This girl is going to give me a run for my money!!

Ray is starting to feel better… and me, well… I have no voice. I lost it Friday night and have only been able to manage squeaky whispers since. I don’t think Ray minds and Noah just looks at me like I’ve lost my mind, because why else would I be talking this way.

Needless to say this weekend has mainly been spent resting and relaxing, while trying to keep Noah from going stir crazy. No pumpkin patch, no corn maze and no yummy fall treats… booo!

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      1. I am glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. I always hate when I get sick and lose my voice. Last fall, I spent two weeks sounding like at 13 year old boy who’s voice was changing. It made have meetings at work quite interesting. By the end, I was just writing things on a note pad and letting my coworkers read it.

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