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Today, while the kids were sleeping… well Noah was napping Abby was awake… and in between visits to the candy bowl (this is why I hate having chocolate/candy in the house!), I decided to finally sew a cover for my precious Kindle. I seriously love that thing and have been reading so much more since Ray gave it to me as an early birthday gift a few week ago. I saw a tutorial for a Kindle cover on Chica and Jo, but didn’t like how it opened to the top. I wanted to make one that opened up like a book, so I used that tutorial as inspiration and modified it to fit my needs… and I am sooooo happy with the way it turned out!

It was a little trial and error… there was some seam ripping and re-sewing involved (well multiple times actually)… and if I were to do it again, there are a few changes I would make, but overall I am extremely happy with it and am happy that I am getting to know and trust my sewing machine more and more! Next up a large purse/diaper bag!! I’m excited!

7 thoughts on “Kindle cover {Foto Friday}”

  1. That is pure awesome! I don’t have a Kindle yet, but I have the app on my DROID and I’m amazed at how much more I read now. I need to bust out my sewing machine and start working on projects. P.S…. you could totally sale these ~ get an etsy shop girl!!

  2. Wow Michaela! That looks pretty cool! I wished I knew how to sew. I had a sewing machine when I was in my early teens but never really used it. Now I wished I did. There is sooo many cute things out there that I could be doing!!

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