So much time, so little to do…

Wait, no… reverse that… (a little Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory anyone?)

If you hadn’t noticed, I took a little impromptu blogcation. I had planned on jumping online at some point over the weekend, but I just never got to it… in fact there may have been a day or two where I didn’t even open up my laptop! *gasp*

I was busy though and there was lots of driving around last week visiting family and all that jazz. My sister came up to visit my mom and we took our two oldest children… along with our younger sister… to the Ringling Brothers circus! We all had a blast… all of us! I’ll get those pictures up this week =) My mom had friends visiting from Germany that weekend (before Thanksgiving), so we had an early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday… including the kids, I think there were 20 people there… just your typical small family get together. =)

Then there was Thanksgiving… we spent that at Rays mom’s house. Noah and Abby had fun with their Grandma and uncle and his girlfriend. Noah could not be torn away from Ray’s old MatchBox cars… he’s such a car (truck and train) fanatic!! He and Abby fell asleep during the drive home, but both woke up as soon as we stopped  the car in the driveway. I sent him to the stairs to take off his shoes and when I came back in after getting Abby I found him like this:

Abby on the other hand was wide awake and posing nicely for us…

She’s such a little ham!

I do have more to write about, but it is past my bedtime so it will have to wait until tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “So much time, so little to do…”

  1. OMG!! How precious! I love it! Little Abby looks just like her brother! You are gonna have some goodlookin’ kids:)

    My kids loved playing with the matchbox cars. Lindsey named her favorites too!

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