Looking back at 2010

2010 came and left with a bang… well only if you count the fireworks that were going off outside while ringing in the new year… Ray and I were actually sitting peacefully inside (with Abby sleeping in my arms) watching “Heaven Can Wait” on NetFlix. We were sitting there comfortably after having stuffed our faces with a home cooked dinner featuring fresh lobster tails… soooo tasty!! Thankfully Ray had an alert set up on his phone and it warned us when it got close to midnight… I’m sure we would have missed it otherwise! It was a nice cozy and relaxed New Years… the way that it has been almost every year that we’ve been together.

I’ve been reflecting on the past year these past few days… so much has happened… and yet at the same time it feels like so little has happened. We went from being a family of 3 to a family of 4… and though it happened much sooner and a heck of a lot faster than expected, I wouldn’t trade that little girl for anything in the would!

Noah kisses Abby

The months flew by as we got used to life as we now know it. Ray and I celebrated our second anniversary and we took our first family trip up to the Wisconsin Dells. Later that summer we helped Noah celebrate his 2nd birthday

My little boy… he went from not talking to not shutting up!! He is a riot and a pain in the butt at the same time and I love him so very very much!! He is also the best big brother any parent could ask for… he loves his sister with all of his heart and it melts mine every time I see him show his affection to her.

Each one of us has grown in their own way this year. I’ve (once again) learned that I am stronger than I think… that I don’t need nearly as much sleep as I thought I did in order to function (who’d have thought that you get even less sleep with two kids?!)… that although I sometimes may be a little rough around the edges and may forget things, I am able to take care of two young children and not kill them! 😉

When 2010 began, I had many hopes and plans about the year ahead… plans for our life… plans for the blog. I had set goals for the blog… how often I would post (I even set up a blogging calendar), how many subscribers and followers I had hoped to have at the end of the year… and you know what…. I tried to keep up with it and actually did up through the end of August… and then I decided to take a step back… I was still posting, but not as often and I wasn’t worrying about it like I had been. I was getting a little burned out… I was to blame for it and only I could change that.

Now here we are in a new year… I have had some time to breathe and I am happy to say that I am back and ready to spend more time here in blogland. I won’t be setting any goals for the blog this year, not because I don’t want it to grow even more but because I don’t want to be disappointed if I don’t meet them. I’m hoping to get some time to work on a makeover… I feel it’s a bit over do. I have lots of ideas and changes running through my head and need to write them down before I forget them. The only thing that I want to see me do this year with this little blog is to follow through. I’ve been bad about that in the past… eluding to (non-existent) future posts or starting a weekly feature (like Foto Friday’s) and then not keeping up with it on a regular basis. This is the year that I stop procrastinating and become more proactive in all aspects of my life… it will be a rough change for me because it goes against everything that comes naturally to me, but it’s a change I am willing and ready to make!

What exciting things happened to you in 2010? Did you set personal or blogging goals for 2011?

4 thoughts on “Looking back at 2010”

  1. I haven’t set any goals for 2011 because the last few years have just been so tumultuous. I don’t want to try to count on a thing!

    I’m glad you’ll be around more this year. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great year overall! And am glad to read that you’ll be posting more – have missed your posts these past few months! Welcome back from your break!

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