Rosette mirrors

Remember how I made the fabric rosettes for week 3 of my weekly craft? Well… a few days later, some of those rosettes, a tube of E6000 and 2 painted Ikea mirrors got a little better acquainted. 😉

The picture quality isn’t the best, I used my little camera instead of the DSLR… sorry about that. I bought some plain unfinished mirrors at Ikea a long, long time ago… a  me still living in Germany long time ago. When Ray and I remodeled our bedroom, I just knew where I wanted to put the mirrors… right above my dresser.

I took some leftover trim paint, painted them and then hot glued a decorative black satin ribbon to the top. The mirrors are actually hung using 3M Command Strips (love them!!) and I used a little tacky putty to keep the ribbon up.

I’ve always felt the mirrors were missing something and when Kari over at Ucreate mentioned what this months Create with Me craft was, I knew just what was missing on those mirrors and knew that I had to create along with her! I LOVE how they turned out and love that they tied together all of the colors used in our room. =) Now I just need to find more things that I can add rosettes too!! haha

6 thoughts on “Rosette mirrors”

  1. Very nice display and the rosettes work perfectly to embellish and give the mirrors a unique style. Great job! I wish I were crafty but I didn’t get the craft thumb. 🙂

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