Craft Time – Week 4

Another week has passed and another craft has been completed. I was inspired to make this weeks craft after seeing this tutorial linked on Ucreate. I just happened to have everything I needed to make them at home already, so I was ready to go.

I changed it up a bit from the tutorial – I used acrylic paint instead of spray paint. The blocks are not true cubes, but they work. I used my Cricut and Make the Cut software to cut the vinyl letters out (actually black contact paper). I don’t have very many Valentine’s Day decorations so I was really happy that these turned out as cute as they did. I’ve also now been bitten by the vinyl bug and want to put it everywhere!!

I also want to show you my first craft of the year and a before and after of the kids bathroom. I took the pictures with my little , so the quality isn’t so great, but we are very, very happy with the remodel. Noah keeps complementing Daddy on his hard work. There are still a few things we have to buy for the room (towel rack and toilet paper holder) and I think I want to add some vinyl to one of the walls, and then I think we can check the room off as completed. =)

I know that I haven’t been really “posting” much lately, I hope to get some updates on us and the kids on here soon. Until then I hope you had a great week and a lovely Friday!!

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