104 Days of Summer Vacation…

Can anyone (other than Ray and Noah) finish the lyrics for me?!? If you can then you your children are as hooked on Phineas and Ferb as we are Noah is. I had seen an episode back before we got rid of cable (almost a year ago), but Noah was too young, so it didn’t catch on here in the Krause house… until last week that is. Now we are hooked. Ray mentioned that it reminds him of the Saturday morning cartoons that we grew up with as kids, and I have to agree. The Saturday morning cartoons now just aren’t the same… you would think that they would have gotten better with time, but unfortunately that’s not the case. So now we watch Phineas and Ferb on Netflix streaming and love it. You just have to say those 5 words up there and Noah looks up and says “Dat Finus and Ferb music?!?!” Ahhhh our little junkie!! 😉

It seems like from one day to the next he just decided to grow up. He is copying what we say a lot more now… not always a good thing!! Thanks to him I found out that I say “I said yes” and “I don’t want to hear any whining” far too often… maybe if he wouldn’t always say “no”…  hmm…

I feel like he is  in an extremely picky eating stage right now… he was picky to begin with, but it has gotten 100 times worse. It is a fight to just get him to eat anything at some meals, even his favorite foods. Someone please tell me that this phase ends soon and won’t last until he’s 12… right at the age where he starts eating us out of house and home!

Noah alternates between wanting to be a big boy and a little boy right now… it all depends on what we are doing and how it will best fit his needs. It’s so cute! We were at Old Navy today and he saw a shirt that he liked, but it was too small. I told him that and he replied “But I wittle boy!” a few minutes later he found another shirt – this time too big – when he found out it was too big for him “But I big boy, right?” I couldn’t win either way!

Potty training… ahhhh the thorn in my side! There are days, like yesterday and today (knocking on wood ), where he does great. He may put up a fuss when I want to put him on the potty (just so that he tries), but he always does something and looks forward to the potty treat (Pez). Then there are other times where he will tell us he doesn’t have to go or he may go a little on the toilet, but then 5 minutes later he will go again in his pants *sigh* He tells me that diapers are for babies and that he’s a big boy, so I know that he wants to be out of them but it seems that he still has a hard time “feeling” when he has to go before it’s too late… though the past two days have been better… he stopped himself after just a dribble and we made it to the bathroom to finish… I can deal  with a dribble – it’s the floods that I don’t care for.

I bet you really love hearing all of the ins and outs of potty training don’t you? I guess I’m just a little frustrated about it all because he learned to go poo on the toilet so quickly and has been great with that for the past 15-16 months so I thought when the time came to be “dry” it would go just as easily… guess I was wrong. It’s okay though – he’ll be completely out of diapers soon enough at some point, I mean, you don’t any grown adults running around with them on… well most of the time anyway 😉

8 thoughts on “104 Days of Summer Vacation…”

  1. …”until school comes along just to end it!”

    I could keep going, but I won’t. Yes, we are big P&F fans here. I think my hubby more so than the girls, LOL! It really is a funny cartoon.

    Hope the potty training gets better!

    1. Thanks! I had this posted and then 10 minutes later Noah came with wet pants… I had jinxed myself!!

      I love that cartoon – I think I turn it on more for me than for Noah =) That may explain why I’ve had the theme song stuck in my head for the past 4 days!! Help!!

  2. Don’t worry, he will be out of diapers soon, normally they just go pee on the potty before #2, he is just different lol. Eating, Patrick would go through times he didn’t eat well and then he had weeks where he ate a lot. Noah is not a good eater, hope he changes that soon, it is very frustrating as a parent (or grandparent lol) Talk to you soon, love you!

    1. He sure is a picky eater – just when I think I know what he likes to eat, he changes it. The only thing I can ever count on are pb&j sandwiches, corn and any and every type of fruit. Love you too!

  3. Big P&F fans in this house – and we all love the show. Which is nice, most things I can’t stand.

    And the joy of them not sure if they want to be a big kid or a little kid – it continues even through the age of 4.

    And yes PT’ing will click all of a sudden, keep at it – you’re doing great!

    1. Most cartoons annoy me too – too whiny, to much of an agenda or just plain too annoying. Love that show though =)

      I’m hoping the PT’ing clicks soon – am done with this in between phase. I heard girls are quicker, I hope that’s true!!

  4. Sydney was (and is still at 16) a picky eater. But she is healthy, happy and finally trying more foods. Yeah. At almost 17. It was a major struggle. I wish I hadn’t stressed over it so much.

    He sure looks cute watching TV. His eyes are gorgeous! Maybe his bladder is not as mature as others. Sounds like he is trying……don’t miss those days. Hang in there.

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