Snuggle, wipe, repeat.

It’s only Wednesday, but it’s been a long week already. Both kids woke up with fevers on Saturday morning… well Abby had it already at her 3 am feeding that night.

Thank goodness I already set myself up for a “no plans made, no plans broken” type  of weekend after Friday’s poo incident.

Though I guess we did pencil in plans to go look at wood floors… yeah that didn’t happen. Poor Ray had had hopes of getting out of the house… we had some beautiful sunshine although it was still cold… only to have those smashed by two little ones who just looked and felt miserable.

Since Monday the kids have been off and on with fevers – one would feel good while the other just looked pitiful, and then it would be the other way around.

So this week has been filled with lots of snuggling, cuddling, movies and nose wiping. Thankfully Abby’s fever was gone this afternoon (though Noah spiked another one after not having a fever in the past 24 hours… maybe it’s because he refused to nap!!) and she was feeling much better. I’m hoping that after a good nights rest (both were asleep earlier than usual tonight), both kids will be feeling better tomorrow. *crossing fingers and toes!*

The silver lining to all of this is that they got sick last weekend. I would hate to have them sick at my mom’s wedding, especially since little Mr Noah will be the ring-bearer!!

So, between wiping noses, cuddling with the kids and working on this weeks project (LOVE IT!!) I haven’t had much time to post. =( booo! I can’t wait to show you what I have been up to though… it’s big… it’s really big, and not quite done yet. But enough about that, it’s not even 9pm and a child is screaming. Yay!! 😉

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