Ice teef

Hands in mouthSomeone in our house is teething. She has been for a while… in fact I felt two of her little molars while we were away on vacation. Those little buggers have slowly been pushing their way up and Abby could almost always be seen with either one or both fists crammed into her mouth. It’s been over three weeks and they still haven’t broken through the skin though, so there have been a lot of fist in mouth days for her!

When her nose started running two days ago, I silently did a dance of joy. I knew she wasn’t sick (thankfully she doesn’t spike high fevers like Noah did when he was teething), so  it could only mean that those stubborn little teeth were finally going to show themselves!! Yay!! To say that her nose was running like a leaking faucet yesterday would be an understatement…  it was running more like a river! Add that to the fact that she still had her hands in her mouth all the time because her gums were bothering her. She didn’t like it at all, but because of the two “wet factors”, she was constantly getting either her face or hands wiped down.

Then yesterday afternoon as I went to put some orajel on her (in an attempt to keep her hands out of her mouth for more than 30 seconds), I felt it… first one, then the other. She was pushing not just two teeth… but four!!! Poor baby girl is getting both of her top molars and her top I-teeth!! No wonder her nose was running so much!

Last night while Ray and I were watching a movie, Abby woke up again thanks to her nose. I brought her downstairs with us so that she wouldn’t wake her brother. It was then that we found the best thing to help her right now… ice chips!! They must have felt really good in her sore little mouth, because I couldn’t get them to her fast enough! I’m so happy that they help, because we aren’t able to give her teethers anymore (she’ll just bite them apart).

So far this morning the kids have already gone through one bowl of ice chips (Noah had to have them too, because of course his “teef” hurt now too!!) and they are begging for another… I better make sure to keep the freezer stocked, because I see us going through a lot of ice until those teeth are out!

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  1. We have teething going on here as well. I thought it was just 1 but the 2nd one appeared today. Her symptoms have been a low grade fever and loose stool. Not fun 🙂 I am glad the ice is helping.

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