Sew busy

For the past 32 years, Ray’s mom has been driving to the annual Cranberry Festival  in Warrens, WI and selling her crafts. Ray and I have driven up there a few times in the past few years to help with some of the work on the last day… even little Mr Noah has been there twice.

When we started talking seriously about my selling handmade bags, Ray mentioned that the Cranberry Festival was coming up and maybe his mom would take some with her. My mind started racing… the Cranberry Festival is HUGE! The one in Warrens is the largest in the world and according to a feature of it on Discovery Wisconsin (we knew about it because Ray’s mom was interviewed for it) there are over 350 thousand people that go there between Friday and Sunday… um… that’s a lot!!

So… my mother in law agreed that she would bring whatever I had done with her… and I have been buying, prepping and sewing my fingers off these past few days trying to get as many made as possible. So… if I’m a little scarce for the next week or so, then you know what I’m up to. I’d love post some photo’s of my works in progress, but I don’t have any right now… so it’ll have to wait. 😉

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  1. That’s amazing and wish you the best of luck!!! Am sure they’ll sell wonderfully as I think they are sew ca-ute (haha, sorry couldn’t help myself with the pun :o) )

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