Cranberry Festival 2011

As I mentioned before, Ray’s mom has been driving to the Warrens Cranberry Festival for over 30 years. If you like cranberries, then this is the festival for you! There are fresh cranberries, dried cranberries, and sweetened cranberries. There’s cranberry wine, cranberry liqueur, and cranberry beer… let’s just put it this way… there are cranberries in just about everything there!! =) Oh and did I mention that they have fried cheese curds too… mmmmm my mouth is drooling just thinking about it again.

This year was Noah’s third year and Abby’s first year driving to Warrens to visit and help grandma (we didn’t go last year, because we were in Tennessee at the time). I can’t believe that Noah has been there 3 times already… he was less than two months old his first time there and oh so little!!! But anyway…

The weather on Saturday was chilly but sunny… it was a beautiful day and the kids had a blast being outside all day long… which was great, because it also made them nice and tired! We spent the night at a hotel in Wisconsin Dells and let me tell you… even though I knew that I would be sharing the bed with a little pigtailed bed hog,  I was never happier to be lying down! So there we were sleeping peacefully in our separate beds… Noah and Ray in one, Abby and me in the other (okay… so Abby was restless and had kept me up for hours)… when I heard something… I thought it was Ray’s alarm and cursed silently to myself. How could it be 6am already!! The alarm shut off, but started up again about 30 seconds later. That’s when I realized that the noise was coming from the other side of our door!!! I got up, checked the peep hole… didn’t see anyone… looked outside… nothing again… back to the peep hole… now there some others standing in their doors. Oh boy!! I woke Ray up (okay I may have been starting to get nervous at this point), went back to the door and spoke to a mom or two… no one knew what was going on… it was 3 am and some sort of alarm was going off! I closed the door to our room and soon there after, there was a loud knock and shouting that everyone had to leave… NOW! The adrenaline was now pumping through me. We quickly got dressed, grabbed the kids (and a bag or two) and headed outside. We sat out there for 20 minutes or so before we were allowed to go back to our rooms. We found out the next day that apparently someone thought it would be fun to use the fire extinguishers on second floor and that was enough to set off the fire alarm throughout the whole hotel. Thank goodness that’s all it was!

I guess it was understandable that when nap time rolled around on Sunday, both kids were out and completely dead to the world!!

The kids weren’t the only ones who were tired though… 3 days of working her butt off had gotten to my mother in law too and even she went off and took a little cat nap…

It was all worth it though, because we all had a great time! The kids and I even made a new friend

He was sooooooo tiny and cute (for a bug) that I had to snap a picture of him!!

4 thoughts on “Cranberry Festival 2011”

    1. Thanks mum… and yes, she was under the sweaters!! You can see her arm and back and that’s it! =) She had started falling asleep while sitting next to me, then decided to get up and move to the table to put her head down.

  1. Awh! That is too fun!! The kids look like they had a ball. I can’t believe that happened at the hotel! Wow! What is wrong with people these days? I bet it was some kids. Glad you guys were ok.

    Great shot of your grasshopper friend. 🙂

    1. Thanks!!
      The kids had a blast! I think they just loved that they were outside, it had been so rainy at home the week before so we hadn’t been out much.
      I don’t know what compels some people to do stupid things like set off a fire extinguisher. Who ever it was will not be very happy if they’re caught, since the police were investigating the situation! Although it was a very annoying situation to go through, I am very happy that there wasn’t a real fire.

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