My electronics are trying to break me!

For some reason my electronics are trying their hardest to make me look like some sort of bad girl. It started a few weeks ago, when my computer blue screened and refused to work for me. Soooo… I eventually re-installed everything and started with a clean slate. It was aggravating, I lost some files and had to re-edit photos that were being worked on when my laptop crashed, but there was no use boohooing about it and the experience actually had me feeling a little lighter in the end. Great.

Noby Designs "Spooky" Toddler toteThen last week it happened again… I went to use my laptop and it blue screened again… and again and again and again and… well you get the picture. I tried everything I could to get it to stop crashing and yet it would still blue screen on me. Finally I gave up. I just couldn’t look at my laptop a minute longer. I was upset that the chances of having to wipe and re-install everything onto my laptop (again) were getting bigger and bigger by the minute. I was upset that the 20+ minutes I had spent tweaking the RAW photo files for my bags were lost (for you non-camera freaks… taking a photo in RAW mode with a DSLR just gives you more options to improve the quality of the photo in editing). Ray had tried to fix it, I had tried to fix it and it just wasn’t working. So I shut my laptop off, unplugged it and just let it sit for the night.

I had the sneaky suspicion that the culprit to the crash was a mix between the number of photos I had been editing in Photoshop Elements, having my laptop in “hibernate” mode, and starting it up while not having it plugged into the power supply. But then again maybe my laptop was just a PMSing little b****, because the next morning she started up just fine and has been really (well mostly) nice to me ever since.

Fast forward to Saturday… I had forgotten to charge my phone overnight and the battery died on me… oh well. Plug it in, start it up again and everything is perfect… right? Right?! Wrong!!! The darn thing kept getting stuck in the start-up screen. It took many, many restarts and over 6 hours before it started working again. Some time during the day Ray had started laughing at me and told me to stay away from his electronics!!!  =(

So, I now have this to say to my electronic devices… I promise that I will be nice to you… I will not let your battery run too low or stress your memory after I wake  you up from a nice long slumber, but only if you in turn promise to be nice to me from now on too!!!


I was finally able to finish editing the photos and am 1 step closer to opening shop!!! Now I just need to figure out how to add PayPal to it and then we should be good to go!!! I’m so excited!!!!!


2 thoughts on “My electronics are trying to break me!”

  1. Boo on those darn electronics! That make our life so easy and SO hectic when they are fussy.

    I learned RAW, but I still like processing jpg in Photoshop, but RAW really is cool.

    Can’t wait to see your store!!! Good luck on the launch. 🙂

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