A belated Halloween post

Halloween was a little over a week ago and I am just now getting to posting to it. In my defense, it took Ray a few days to process the RAW files so that I could use them. 😉 (It still has taken me a few days since then though… shhhh) As I type this, my husband is sleeping on the sofa next to me and my two little rug rats are up in their room. It looks like Abby is trying to get to sleep, but her brother keeps leaning over into her bed and “pestering” with kisses… it’s so cute to watch him do that and then cover her up that I don’t have it in me to go up there and stop him. (Those of you following me on Facebook may have already seen that late last week Abby officially moved up to a toddler bed!!!)

Anyway… as I may have mentioned before, Noah insisted on being a superhero which meant that Abby also had to be one. He was so excited to wear his cape! He wasn’t so sure about the mask… he wore it at home but ended up leaving it off when we  went out trick or treating.

With out further ado, my children… the superhero’s.

Noah as Super Noah

(he insisted on wearing the captain spooky shirt…  boys!!!)

Noah in a super pose

He was having so much fun showing daddy his super poses.

Noah's super poses

The super cape

Noah’s cape – I wanted to put an “N” in the star, but Mr Man liked it the way it was.

Super Abby

Super Abby!!!

Super Abby's cape

I had to have a little girly fun with her cape!! =)

Super Abby

She was checking to see if she would get caught reaching for the candy bowl!! =)

Super Abby

My sweet little girl!

More super poses from Noah

We finally got him to change into an all black shirt so that we could get some “real” Super photos. 😉

Super Noah

He’s such a ham and couldn’t stop posing for the camera!

The two super hero’s together… notice the Reese’s pieces in her hands… she’s her daddy’s girl!!

If you’ve made it this far then you’re either family or really like us!! 😉  So there you have it… my little super hero’s. Abby has been going crazy about her tutu and has to put it on whenever she sees it and Noah wanted to wear his cape everywhere we went last week.

I have a feeling we’ll be playing super hero’s again tomorrow, since the rain is supposed to stay a little while longer. I think Mother Nature is trying to prepare us  for the holed-up-indoors-days of winter… booo!!!

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  1. That tutu with the cape has to be the most adorable super hero costume there ever was. Oh and let’s not forget how handsome Noah looked….I liked the spooky shirt with the ensemble. Just stopping by to say thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday on my SITS day!!

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