Happy Leap Day!

It seems that on Leap Day the kids only have to nap for 30 minutes… sigh. They both fell asleep in the van, while running some errands, and of course both woke up as soon as I brought them inside. Any attempts to get them to go back to sleep have failed… so it’s just one of those days.

All is not lost though. They are excited to play downstairs in the basement… some of the Christmas gifts went straight down there so that they would have something new to play with at a later time… that time has arrived. I’m busy moving things around so that I can set up a little craft/sewing area down there, so we all have something to do. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and am glad that it’s finally happening. Since I’m moving everything downstairs, I won’t be taking over the kitchen table anymore and I won’t need to worry about starting projects that I can’t finish right away. Yay!!! =)

And because no post should be without a picture… here are my rugrats…

Abby smiling in pigtails

Noah waving hello

{it sure helps to have a photographer in the house!! 😉 }

How are you spending your extra day? Any special plans?

2 thoughts on “Happy Leap Day!”

  1. Nope, nothing special here.

    I’m also in the process of making a craft room/office space in our basement. I’ve been at it for, oh, about TWO YEARS NOW. Oy. I’ll probably get it finished right about the time we sell this house! 😉

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