Noah and Mama time

It was Mom’s Day at preschool today and thanks to Ray, I was able to go and spend some time alone with Noah. Before Abby, everyday was Noah and Mama day, but since her birth, those times have become few and far between… and both. Noah and I  agreed that we need to have them more often… or as Noah said “I wike when it’s we two and Abby is away and daddy is away too!”

So for almost two hours, Noah had me all to himself. We made crafts and ate snacks, and I met his friends and their mothers, and we got to watch as the class performed a little song for us. The time spent with him couldn’t have been more perfect… despites all thar perfectness though, I also realized today that, though Noah may know his daddies name, he didn’t know mine… and we fixed that too. =) {In his defense, my name isn’t the easiest to pronounce correctly and Ray and I don’t generally call each other by our first names at home.}

After coming home and being reunited with Abby, we ended the morning by playing in the sunshine and having a picnic outside on the deck. It truly was the perfect morning {even despite an Abby meltdown, which unfortunately occur too often}.

How was your day? Was it the perfect Spring day where you live too?

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