One dry, one to go!

Our diaper/pull-up days are numbered here in our house! While Noah has been dry during the day for the past year, he has still been wearing {and needing pull-ups} at night. Over the past few months, the number of dry nights have been increasing, but there were still many, many, many nights that weren’t {not to mention that we had our fair share of nights that ended up with wet sheets}.

Hello Monday Dora undiesTwo weeks ago something happened… Noah was dry for a night… then two… then three… then four. Whenever he woke up dry, Ray and I would make a big deal out of it… and Noah would beam from ear to ear. As the number of dry nights increased, so did our enthusiasm. Finally by the fourth morning, I was pretty sure we were on to something and told Noah that if he could stay dry for 3 more nights, he could start sleeping in his underwear. That sealed the deal!!

Last Thursday was the last night that Noah went to bed with a pull-up on. He’s been sleeping in his undies since Friday night and it has been going great! I’m sure that typing this will jinx it, but I haven’t had to change the sheets due to an accident in over  two weeks… and it is sooooo nice!!!

We’re not completely done with diapers, well… pull-ups. Abby is off and on as far as potty training goes and some days are much better than others. We’re getting there though and I hope to be able to do some hard-core potty training once Noah’s done with preschool. I can’t believe that we will soon be done with diapers… the thought of that makes me both a little excited and sad at the same time… that day isn’t here yet though… we’ll see how long it takes Abby to be dry through the night… I’ll let you know when it happens! =)

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