Hello June!!

Last week passed by far too quickly! Ray took an extra two days off after Memorial Day, so we were able to have a fun and busy little staycation. The weather over the holiday weekend was great {with the exception of some storms and a little hail Saturday morning}. It wasn’t all fun and barbecues though… we also did some work around the house… there was more demo done in the master bath, we put up shelves and organized the garage, and last but not least, Ray and a friend took the hard top off of the Jeep and we got the soft top on!!!

So now it’s Monday again, and like every other Monday, I have a mountain {or two or three} of laundry that needs taken care of, and a house that needs to be whipped back into shape. So much happened this past week and I have so much to share over the next few days… but more on that later.

I wanted to share one photo with you before I go though… Noah had taekwondo testing again this past weekend, and moved up to the next level… a yellow/green belt. Here’s the happy boy with his daddy afterward.

Ray and Noah after TKD testing

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

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