Monday Morning Updates


Which should be otherwise titled as…


Roseola, Birthdays and Potty Training


and then add to that teething, organizing, cleaning and creating… needless to say last week was a fun week!

The week started out with Abby not feeling to well. She was just laying around, barely eating and not her usual crazy spunky self. While brushing her teeth I saw a flash of white in her mouth that hadn’t been there before and I was excited to see that she had finally cut the first of her two year molars… which explained the fever… or so I thought. Her fever lasted a few days… and along with it a runny nose and just plain ickyness… I hate seeing my kids not feel well, and I knew that all of this wasn’t just because she was cutting a tooth. This past weekend she was finally back to her normal self… eating up a storm – I can only imagine that she was trying to make up for the days when she didn’t eat much. Then, on Saturday night, I saw it… the rash… it looks like she had roseola. *sigh* Thankfully Noah has had it already, so he didn’t get sick. Yay!!

Speaking of Noah… He’s turning 4 this week!!! The past few years have just flown by crazy fast!! My little chubby cheeked baby is gone and instead there’s this little smart, sneaky, funny and loving little boy in front of me. He’s also as stubborn as both his dad and I am… which is not always a good thing!! We’re busy planning and prepping for his birthday party… I’m hoping that the weather cooperates and it won’t be as hot and sticky this year as it has been the past 3 years – but you take what you can get with an August birthday!

Abby is getting into the birthday week spirit by talking about her own birthday and party. It’s so cute to hear her say “On my birfday I tree!!” or “I haa dat on my birfday too!” I hope she’s not disappointed when she realizes that her birthday is still over half  a year away! We’re in full blown potty training mode with her. She is in undies all day and doing pretty well with it. We have our hiccups though and butt heads quite a bit when it comes to doing a certain stinky business… she’s not too comfortable doing that on the toilet yet and there have been quite a few tears  shed {her’s not mine} and hairs pulled {mine not hers} these past few days because of it. She’s getting there though and has actually done the deed on the toilet a few times. I’m happy to also say that she is no longer in pull-ups at naptime… she insisted on wearing undies to nap in one day last week and woke up dry, so it’s been that way ever since… and we’ve only had 1 naptime accident… not bad if you ask me! She also insists on wearing her undies to bed at night… though she’s definitely not ready for that yet and I’ve had a few late night sheet changing sessions. She’s just as stubborn as her brother and refuses to put a pull-up on at night though, and it’s not a fight I wish  to get into with her, so I just let her go to sleep in her undies and then change her into a pull-up later… that has been working so far and  has stopped me from having to have a middle of the night rendezvous with my washer. Sooo…. I think it’s safe to say that the end of diapers and pull-up is near here in our house… and to be honest with you I’m not quite sure how I feel about that!!!???!!! I know… I’m crazy!! 😉

Other than fevers, birthdays and potty training, I’ve been busy trying to get the house all clean and organized {and not just because of Noah’s party}, finish my nieces and Abby’s flower girl dresses for my youngest sisters birthday, work on and in the shop {I have another tote to sew!} and work on the details of an upcoming vacation/business trip.

White satin and tulle rosettes

So… I’m sure that I’m forgetting something, but that’s nothing new… I’ve realized that since having the kids, my memory just isn’t what it used to be!! Here’s a little teaser though… tomorrow I’ll show you the latest fashion here from our house! Be excited… be very excited! =)

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