Happy Birthday to Me


I turned 35 today… 35… I don’t feel like I’m 35…and yet I am. We kept it quiet today…didn’t do anything super special, just last to the same routine… just the way I like it. Noah on the other hand was upset that his mama wasn’t having a big day long celebration with lots of family and visitors… I think he expected me to have a party like he and Abby have.
I may not have had a big celebration, but I was still definitely spoiled!! Ray surprised me with a new tablet!! LOVE it!! It has a camera too so I’m now also on Instagram (Michaela), which is pretty fun so far. It’s also much easier to blog with, which is what I’m doing right now…did I mention that I love it, because I do!! I’ve been finding it so hard to find time to sit and write these past few weeks… most of my free time was spend sewing. I’m really looking forward to being a little more present on here. I’m starting to need and use my laptop less, which is nice! Now if only I could edit my photos without needing the laptop, I’d be all set!
The kids were great today… Abby serenaded me with her version of “Happy Birthday” as soon as she woke up this morning, and they both behaved for most of the day. 😉 I may have also given in to Noah ‘s request to nap with them this afternoon… I’m fighting a cold and the thought of just closing my eyes sounded so good. I didn’t really fall asleep though and was soon down behind the sewing machine working on a custom order.


We finished the day off with dinner and birthday cake…birthday cheesecake!!! YUM!!! Afterward, Ray and the kids convinced me to watch E.T. with them… it’s not one of my favorites, but I sucked it up for the kids, who were really into it.
So that’s it…my day is over and I’m really looking forward to seeing what this next year has in store!!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me”

  1. E.T. you hated that movie, scared you to death when it came it and your uncle bought it for you lol. I am glad that you had a good/great day, made you something today and will bring it with me tomorrow. It is still tomorrow for a couple of minutes…I better go to bed, see you soon, happy Birthday again, it was a specia day 35 years ago, my first baby!!! and still is…Love you

  2. Happy belated Birthday! I meant to say so on Facebook and never got back on Facebook after work. I remember 35 was kinda hard for me. Not sure why….maybe it is the…..I can’t be 35 syndrome.

    Glad you had a restful day! Enjoy the tablet. I am an instagram ADDICT.

    1. Thank you!! I’m doing pretty well with the whole 35 thing… though I did get mad at Ray when he called me middle aged the other day!! 😉

      I’m loving Instagram now too!!

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