Shop Update – 9/18

Hi there!!! It’s a gorgeously sunny and cool Tuesday! The kids are napping peacefully, so I thought that I would write a little, while I wait for the washer and dryer to do their thing.

Between working on new orders and putting the finishing touches on Noah and Abby’s outfits for my sister’s wedding, my little basement studio has been seeing much more of me these past few days… which unfortunately means that the upstairs rooms see less of me (and judging from the piles of things around the house, quite a bit less lately). I bought new fabric for a custom order I’m working on, and that needed to be washed {Fun Fact: I wash all of the fabric that I use to sew with, so that it won’t shrink when you have to wash your tote! Oh and it’s all washed in unscented soap… so no flowery, funny smelling totes will be sent to you!!}… so I decided that I would also tackle the mountains of laundry collecting in our home as well…. so today is unofficial laundry day!! WooHoo!!

J and C Halloween order

j and c Halloween order

I finished and shipped this set of Halloween totes yesterday… I really love how they turned out and am a little sad that I don’t have enough of the Spooky Halloween lining fabric to make more custom bags for others… BUT!!!  I do still have a few more ready to ship totes available though… so get yours while you can!! 😉

While I was outside taking photos of these two bags I noticed that I had an audience… and I just had to snap a picture of him too…

my audience


He {she?!? I didn’t take the time to look!} was just sitting on the stairs across from me, relaxing in the sun. I guess it didn’t like the intrusion into it’s privacy though and left as soon as I took his picture! =) I wonder if this is the little hungry thief that keeps digging up my tulip bulbs? Haha

I’d love to keep writing, but it sounds like Noah crawled into Abby’s bed and woke her up… must get her back to sleep!! =)

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