See You Later, Not Goodbye

It was with best intentions that I wrote last week’s post introducing my new weekly feature. Sunday afternoon, we received the call from Noah’s school canceling classes for both Monday and Tuesday, since this would be put 4th and 5th “snow day” of the month, I was busy trying to think of things to keep both older kids busy and entertained.

The following morning we awoke to bitter cold temperatures once again and tried to make the most out of another day spent indoors. Shortly before nap time, my father called and gave the news that I had been dreading, but knew would coming sooner rather than later… my grandfather had passed away earlier that day.


My grandpa was 88 years old and had lived a good, long life… while it’s comforting knowing that, it’s still hard. Since the funeral would be held in Ohio, followed by a memorial in Pennsylvania, we decided to leave the kids at home with Ray while Michael and I the trip to say goodbye… that ended up being a good idea, since Noah was sent home from school Wednesday and was out sick for the rest of the week!

Anyway, as you can imagine, writing was the last thing on my mind… it was a time for family, both my husband and children, as well as my crazy extended family… it was so needed and very overdo.

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