Surviving the fog

It’s been a rough couple of weeks… oh who am I kidding, it’s been a rough couple of months. The newborn/infant fog still hangs heavily over our home and days like the one we had today only make it worse.
Overall, I’m happy to say that Michael is (and has been) a great sleeper. He doesn’t fuss much when I lay him down and he’s a much better nighttime sleeper than either of the older two ever were, waking up once at 4:30 am with an occasional (not nightly) snack at 1:30 am.

Today though… today was tough.


That photo was not taken today… why? Because the little booger hardly slept at all, and when he did, it was barely long enough to take a photo, let alone get anything else done. I wish I knew what the problem was. I don’t know if his gums were hurting him since he’s teething, if he was constipated because he’s eating solids now, or if he just felt like staying awake and bouncing on my belly

Add to all of that, a kindergartner who was tired and should have napped, but didn’t/couldn’t because he “had a Frozen song stuck in his head”. The only one who did rest was Abby… and afterwards, she was ready go and have an hour long dance party with me too. =)

I had forgotten just how sleep deprived the first few months are… but then again with both Noah and Abby, I was able to lay down and rest when they did.

I’m looking forward to the day when I/we will truly get a full night’s sleep again… or at least 6 hours in a row… but for tonight, I’m just hoping that Michael skips his 1 am snack. =)

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