Hello Summer

Last Day of Kindergarten

This past school year just flew by… maybe it’s because I’ve now got three kids at home… maybe it’s because I’m getting older… who knows!

Noah showing off

The kiddos have been keeping me busy. Noah was in three different sports this past spring… which was exhausting for all of us, especially him. Thankfully we have a few weeks now with only one sport, before taking another few weeks off as a little “summer break”… and then we start all over again!

Noah showing off2

This little goofball wanted to have some fun this morning, after having to stand still for the obligatory end of the school year photo. “Take a picture of me jumping” he said, and I gladly agreed.

Noah showing off3

The first jump was so small that he barely got his foot off of the ground. That didn’t stop him from trying again though… and this time it turned out much better.

Noah showing off4

What I like best though are his goofy facial expressions… they are pure Noah… my mostly happy, goofy, lovable little guy… who still comes sneaking into bed with us most nights, just to snuggle up next to me while kicking off the blankets, because he’s too hot!

Noah showing off5

It’s still hard for me to believe that in a few short weeks, this little guy is going to turn six… and then start first grade shortly after that.

Noah showing off6

And while I may find that hard to believe and may not be ready for it, he most definitely is!



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