One Stitch, Two Stitch

Silas Seal - Noby Designs Cross Stitch Pattern
Silas Seal

I’ve been cross stitching for as long as I can remember… probably close to 30 years… and while my love for this particular craft has been an on again off again one, I never seem to stay away too long.

Perseus Pig - Noby Designs Cross Stitch Pattern
Perseus Pig

The last few projects I’ve worked on have been larger (and pretty complex) ones, so this time around I wanted to work on something simpler… a project with only a few colors, that could be completed in just a few hours. I did add a little twist though… I had to design the patterns first!

Eddie Elephant - Noby Designs Cross Stitch Pattern
Eddie Elephant

The result was these little ones! I proudly present to you Silas Seal, Perseus Pig, Eddie Elephant, Ferdinand Fox, and Penelope Pigeon.

Ferdinand Fox - Noby Designs Cross Stitch Pattern
Ferdinand Fox

Silas, Perseus, Eddie, Ferdinand, and Penelope are quick, simple projects. While they’re not beginner patterns, I do believe they’re easy enough that even someone new to cross stitching can make them. I’ve listed their patterns for sale here in my shop and on Etsy.

Penelope Pigeon - Noby Designs Cross Stitch Pattern
coming soon… Penelope Pigeon

It’s funny how creativity spawns more creativity… since finishing these guys, my head has been swimming with more and more ideas for patterns. My graph paper and colored pencils are always nearby and I’ve drawn up a few that I think will be perfect for beginners. I’m working on some totes right now, but hope to have the samples stitched soon!

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