LTMF – Construction dust and crochet hooks

Crocheting at the car dealer

The past two weeks have been busy ones here at home. Ever since we found out that we were expecting a second child, 5 years ago, we started making plans to convert our loft into a bedroom, giving us three bedrooms instead of just two. One thing always led to another though and it never happened. For the past 1 1/2 years, we’ve had three children sleeping in the same room. It’s worked out well so far – most nights anyway – and the kids love being together – also most nights! haha!

Since finding out about the upcoming arrival of our newest little bundle of joy minion, getting that third bedroom became a top priority, which is why the past two weeks have been full of new walls, paint, and lots and lots of construction dust. The days were loud and more than one nap was spent together on the sofa.


While Michael napped, I kept myself busy with yarn and my hooks. Ray and the kids gifted me with a new set of hooks for my birthday, and I’ve been putting good use to them making blankets for Michael and the new baby, as well as new products for the shop. There’s still work to be done on the blankets, but two of the new products are almost finished. The ends still need to be woven in before I’ll get them in front of the camera, but I love the way they’ve turned out so far!

I hope that October is treating you well so far!

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