One Stitch, Two Stitch

I’ve been cross stitching for as long as I can remember… probably close to 30 years… and while my love for this particular craft has been an on again off again one, I never seem to stay away too long.

Crocheted Flat Easter Egg Tutorial

Back in 2011, I was on the hunt for a flat Easter egg crochet pattern that was worked in the round. I had made a heart garland a few weeks earlier for Valentines Day and I wanted to make a similar egg garland for Easter. I searched the internet and found that there were plenty of patterns for 3 dimensional eggs and flat eggs worked in rows

Bracelet distractions

When Abby was younger, she started biting and chewing on her fingernails. She would bite her tiny little nails as far down as she could (without drawing blood or hurting the skin below).

Cha Cha Cha Changes!

I’m so happy to announce the addition of the Noby Designs shop to this site!

I’ve wanted to have an independent place to sell totes (and more), but have been afraid to make the move because it was such a big move to make!

Right now

  Right now: * I’m fighting something… again… which means that echinacea tea and essential oils are my best friends until it’s gone. * my toddler has a nose that refuses to stop running thanks to teething and the same head cold that I’m fighting. * moving somewhere warmer would be a dream come true. …

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Knitting the Age of Brass and Steam

This past holiday season was all about giving handmade goodness. Hats in all sizes were knit and crocheted, crocheted cup cozies were gifted to teachers, Abby’s blanket was worked on and is now truly in the final finishing stages, and I was even able to work on a little something for myself… a knit shawl.

things lately

Fall left us pretty quickly here in the Midwest, and though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, it looks like winter has arrived. The hectic holiday season is right around the corner… and thanks to a much needed break from Etsy and sewing totes, I’m happy to say that I’m ready for it.

Hello Fall

Good morning! It’s so very peacefully quiet in the house right now. It’s 6:30 in the morning… my husband has already left for the day and the kids are still sleeping… most of them in their own beds, one of them in ours.

Meet Big Belly Ellie!

Big Belly Ellie is here and ready to conquer the world! She’s been a little shy lately, but has decided that it’s finally time to make new friends.

Conquering the Doubt

A few months ago I started crocheting a toy for Abby. She picked out an animal and a color of yarn that she liked… and then I was put to work. Since I had wanted to try my hand at designing a toy of my own, I embraced the project, but knew that it probably …

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