Wordless Wednesday

Playing outside {Wordless Wednesday}

After having to deal with snow and rain this weekend, Spring has (hopefully) arrived for good here in the Midwest. To celebrate the warm weather (again), we spent some time out in the fresh air. Noah loved picking up sticks and twigs and showing them to me. Abby… well she spent the time outside a little differently…

12 days old {Wordless Wednesday}

I can’t believe she’s 12 days old already!! I made this little hat for her. She’s so small that even the preemie hats are too big for her head and I didn’t want to keep the hat from the hospital on her all of the time!

Sibling Love {Wordless Wednesday}

We are soooooo blessed! Abby is doing great and Noah is perfect in his role as big brother. He loves his little sister so much and showers her with kisses all day long!

Carwash {Wordless Wednesday}

A few weeks ago we took Noah with us to the carwash. He’s been there before, but this was the first time that he really was aware of what was going on. I don’t know if he was so sure that he was safe in the car!!

Snow cup {Wordless Wednesday}

It started snowing… again… yesterday. Instead of going out in it for 5 minutes, I got some snow from the back porch for Noah to play with. He had a blast with his little snow cup!

Sewing week {Wordless Wednesday}

This past week I’ve been trying to get some of my unfinished crafts checked off of my list of things to do, So I took out the sewing machine and put it to work! Here’s a little sample of what I got done…

First Snowball {Wordless Wednesday}

It snowed steadily yesterday and Ray took Noah out to play in it for a little while… needless to say Noah loved it and was angry when he had to come inside! Maybe its because he was having fun… maybe it’s because Daddy taught him how to make and throw snowballs… who knows! 😉

Tired? {Wordless Wednesday}

I think he was, since he fell asleep while sitting up! (I just love that his book Things that GO! is right next to him… and no it wasn’t planted there just for the picture!)