Sewing week {Wordless Wednesday}

This past week I’ve been trying to get some of my unfinished crafts checked off of my list of things to do, So I took out the sewing machine and put it to work! Here’s a little sample of what I got done…

Bean bags - numbered

I finished all of the numbered bean bags and made a bag to put them in (Noah was busy playing with that, so no picture). Now I just need to put myself to work on the alphabet bean bags!

Handmade camera case

I also finished sewing the case for the camera that Ray got me for Christmas.

Some other things I sewed but didn’t take a picture of… I finished 2 belly bands and I sewed another bag to put all of Noah’s Little People farm animals into… I love not having them all over the place now and plan on sewing more little bags for the rest of his Little People collections.

I’m not the world’s best seamstress, but I can sew a somewhat straight line, so these projects were perfect for me!

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15 thoughts on “Sewing week {Wordless Wednesday}”

  1. I know you tweet! thats how i got here : ) and am now following you!

    and by follow i mean coming to your house os you can teach me how to use my sewing machine THANKS IN ADVANCE

    hopping in car now!

    1. Thanks for following and for the warning! 😉 You may be disappointed with my sewing skills though… like I said I can just barely sew a straight line! ha!

    1. Thank you!

      I totally used old cami’s for the belly bands… they didn’t fit anymore so I just cut off the straps and sewed up the rough edges. The nice thing now is when I sit I’m no longer flashing everyone in my low belly pants! Yay!!

    1. I was inspired by your alphabet bean bags!!

      Noah loves them too – we played with them all afternoon. I really should do the alphabet ones now.

  2. I love the bean bag ideas! And the primary colors are GREAT!! Did you just hand write the numbers on there? Cause if so, color me jealous with that handwriting!! Mine looks like chicken scratch!

    I have a sewing machine that sit’s in my living room. It’s in one of those cabinet thing-y’s. I have NEVER taken it out, except to put the petal up next to it, so Callie doesn’t play with it. I think I need to take it out, and see what I can do with it. I’m inspired!
    .-= Kara @ His, Hers, and Ours´s last blog ..Wordless (NOT!) Wednesday …BFF Edition … =-.

    1. Thanks! I thought the primary colors would be good for him (plus I already had the fabric, so it cost me nothing extra! ha!)

      I wish my handwriting was good enough to free hand it, but it’s not! I used a stencil to paint the numbers on there.

      I’m thinking of taking pictures when I start the alphabet and making a tutorial… not quite sure when I’ll get to it though =(

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