Foto Friday

A video {Foto Friday}

Todays Foto Friday is brought to you courtesy of my son and husband. One of our stops while in Wisconsin was the House on the Rock. Noah had a great time checking everything out and dancing to the calliopes.

Abigail {Foto Friday}

As I sit here watching my baby girl giggle away while my son dances around the living room in just a t-shirt and diapers, I can not help but feel blessed. I have two children who are happy 95% of the time and who I love with every fiber of my heart. The past (almost) four months have passed by so quickly and it is hard to believe that Ray and I once had this house only to ourselves and the dogs.
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New Me {Foto Friday}

Soooo….on Wednesday I showed you all a picture of the hair that I had chopped off and am donating to Locks of Love… since I don’t often post pictures of myself on here, many of you may not have been aware as to how long my hair was…

Growing Family {Foto Friday}

I know I’ve skipped Foto Friday the past few weeks, but I’m back and today I wanted to use it more as a congrats than anything else… My sis N became a mommy again today!!

Squeaky Clean {Foto Friday}

Abby loves bath time… though you wouldn’t know it from the expression on her face in the photo below (she had just gotten rinsed off). She just lays in the tub and splashes around in the warm water… smiling and cooing the whole time. Getting dried off on the other hand is a different story!!

Running Around {Foto Friday}

A few weeks ago we took Noah to the zoo and let him run it out in the children’s play area… I think he had fun and like the feel of the breeze in his hair. What do you think?

He rides {Foto Friday}

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April Showers… {Foto Friday}

April showers bring spring flowers… though I really can’t say that we’ve gotten much rain this April and I’m very happy about that, because it meant that we were able to go out and play! I don’t have the greenest thumb when it comes to indoor flowering plants, so I’m glad that I don’t need one for the bulbs I planted outside…

6 weeks old {Foto Friday}

Time is just flying by and my little girl (who should only be turning 2 weeks old today) is now 6 weeks old!!