Foto Friday

Kindle cover {Foto Friday}

Today, while the kids were sleeping… well Noah was napping Abby was awake… and in between visits to the candy bowl (this is why I hate having chocolate/candy in the house!), I decided to finally sew a cover for my precious Kindle. I seriously love that thing and have been reading so much more since Ray gave it to me as an early birthday gift a few week ago. I saw a tutorial for a Kindle cover on Chica and Jo, but didn’t like how it opened to the top. I wanted to make one that opened up like a book, so I used that tutorial as inspiration and modified it to fit my needs… and I am sooooo happy with the way it turned out!

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Foto Friday {Foto Friday}

VFor the past week, almost two, we’ve been battling whatever bug has decided the infiltrate the Midwest. It started out with some coughing, then morphed to sinus pressure/runny noses (and in Noah’s case a double ear infection) and now is changing again to a deeper, more throaty cough along with the sinus pressure/runny nose crud. Throw in a few fevers here and there and we really are a hot mess of a family right now.

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Homemade Stuffed Pizza {Foto Friday}

Yesterday (well today, since I’m writing and posting this already on Thursday) was the start of the 2010/2011 football season. To celebrate the day that my husband believes should be a holiday, I dragged my sick butt off of the couch and attempted to make something that I had never made before… something that Chicago is famous for… something that we love to eat… stuffed pizza.

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Sleeping buddy {Foto Friday}

This giraffe was given to us by a friend of the family… who just happens to be my former 9th grade English teacher!! She loves giraffes and bought this one for Noah… I know that I have a picture of him trying to eat it posted on here somewhere!

Anyway… Abby decided to play with it one day… which meant that I also let her play with it while she was in her swing. A few minutes later I found the two of them like this…

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Staples {Foto Friday}

Over the past few weeks, Ray has spent time demolishing what used to be our guest/Noah’s bathroom. I’m glad that he has been doing it, because I would not have wanted to have to pull out every single one of these bad boys…

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