Mustard Yellow Scarf draped around the neck of a dressmakers dummy

Free Pattern – The Kronenburg – Easy to Knit Infinity Scarf

The weather here in northern Illinois has been a bit wonky these past few weeks. One week it’s unseasonably warm and everyone is out wearing shorts, then the next it’s cold and extremely windy. This week we’ve been blessed with a mix of both, starting out wet, cold, and crazy windy, then changing into warmer, but still super windy days.

Age of Brass and Steam shawl in beige yarn

Age of Brass and Steam take two

A few months ago I knit myself an Age of Brass and Steam shawl for myself… only to finish it and realize that 1) it was smaller than I had wanted it to be and 2) it was also a lot stiffer than I had hoped. Since I loved the design, I knew that I would be knitting it up again… so I unravelled it all and prepped the yarn for reknitting.

Avoiding the creative void

It was just after 7am yesterday morning, and wonders upon wonders, all three children were still sleeping… most of them were even in their own beds! My husband had already left for work and I was using the quiet time to drink my green smoothie and mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Knitting the Age of Brass and Steam

This past holiday season was all about giving handmade goodness. Hats in all sizes were knit and crocheted, crocheted cup cozies were gifted to teachers, Abby’s blanket was worked on and is now truly in the final finishing stages, and I was even able to work on a little something for myself… a knit shawl.

It’s February!

Holy cow where did January go to so quickly? Can you believe we are already into the second month of 2012? Crazy isn’t it? Oh and it’s Friday too… will the craziness ever end? 😉

Busy work

Lately I have been trying my best to keep busy and not give my mind a chance to think about more than the task at hand… while I do like to think about anything and everything, really being able to think about anything right now is not a good thing… and so I have been keeping myself busy.