Busy work

Lately I have been trying my best to keep busy and not give my mind a chance to think about more than the task at hand… while I do like to think about anything and everything, really being able to think about anything right now is not a good thing… and so I have been keeping myself busy.

There’s enough for me to do around the house – besides the usual laundry and general cleaning, but not all of the things that I would really like to do are appropriate for the current weather or they are not a good project for me to do while the kids are awake and under foot… so I’m limited in my current “home” project selection. To keep myself from having time to think though, I have started getting creative again. The knitting needles and crochet hooks are out and being used, and my new sewing machine {a gift from my husband and MIL for Christmas} is getting broken in.

I started crocheting again before the holidays. I made both of my nieces hats as part of their Christmas gift, I started a hat for Noah {which I just remembered I should really finish now that winter has finally arrived} and I crocheted a hat for Abby. Since the holidays, I have crocheted a cowl (infinity) scarf for me…

Crochet Yellow and Gray Cowl Scarf

Abby claims this as hers and likes to steal it from me when I’m not wearing it…. I think a pink cowl scarf matching her hat will be on the hooks in the near future!!!

Mustard knit ribbed cowl scarf WIP

This WIP {work in progress} is turning out to be a labor of love.  It is the first time in a long time where I am actually knitting with wool again {as opposed to cotton or acrylic yarn} and I love it! It is so soft and squishy and I can’t wait for it to be done… which it would be already if I hadn’t had to rip half of it up because I noticed two mistakes that I just couldn’t leave… though believe me I tried! I’m knitting this cowl as a ribbed scarf and once it’s done I’ll sew the two ends together to make it nice and round.

The last project that I have on the needles is one that I had originally finished and started binding off with the intention of having it be a little scarf for Abby… but when I found it  picked it up again this year, I decided that the pattern was just a little too much for her and am finishing it for myself. =)

The thing that I like about knitting and crocheting as that I can pick  up the project and knit a quick row or two in between doing other things… I can’t do that with sewing projects. I have been working on a few of those though too while the kids are napping.

I am finally finishing up a tote for my sister the bride to be {Yay!!} and am sewing both Noah and Abby two new totes… Abby is getting a smaller Toddler Tote, since she doesn’t have one yet {gasp!!} and Noah is getting an even larger tote to hold everything he needs for preschool now that it’s winter. There are also a few smaller projects on my list of things to sew… ones that I hope to get to soon. =)

4 thoughts on “Busy work”

    1. Thank you. One moment at a time – that’s exactly how it is right now. I just keep thinking to myself “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”… it helps a bit =)

      I’ll have to take a look at that pattern, I’m in a big cowl kick right now and bought some yummy eggplant colored yarn to make another. =)

  1. Hey, been thinking of you guys. {{Hugs}}

    I have been teaching myself to crochet this past summer. I made a yarn bracelet but also a leather crocheted bracelet. I want to make myself a stylish hat some day. But I am such a procrastinator. I also can’t crochet with the kids up. I have to think when I crochet so I do that when the turds are sleeping;)

    1. Thank you! {{Hugs}} right back!

      It’s hard to do anything when the kids are up! I can only get a row or two in at a time {and they are short rows!!} when they’re awake. I have found bath time and while sitting in the car during pre-school pick up are good crochet times too. 😉

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