Age of Brass and Steam shawl in beige yarn

Age of Brass and Steam take two


A few months ago I knit myself an Age of Brass and Steam shawl for myself… only to finish it and realize that 1) it was smaller than I had wanted it to be and 2) it was also a lot stiffer than I had hoped. Since I loved the design, I knew that I would be knitting it up again… so I unraveled it all and prepped the yarn for reknitting.

Around the same time that post published, my mom hinted at wanting a shawl for either Mother’s Day or her birthday. She needed something that would keep her shoulders warm while sitting at her desk at work. I knew that she would be leaving for her annual trip back home to Germany at the beginning of May and wouldn’t be home for Mother’s Day, so I pulled out my needles and got to work!

This time I followed the pattern as written – mostly. I did end up making two changes… I used a different cast-on method and instead of knitting only three sections, I knit five. This added the extra width and length that I was missing in the shawl that I had knit for myself.

This shawl was a simple knit, a great starter project, with row upon row of stockinette knitting and a very easy to remember garter eyelet section. The only problem that I had with it was that towards the end of the shawl, because of the two added sections, my 24 in circular needles were so crammed – nearly overflowing with stitches!


The kids and I drove down to my moms for a quick visit the weekend before she left. We had some really crummy weather before that, so I didn’t get any pictures using the “good” camera… just these from my trusty little point and shoot. I love how the shawl turned out and these pictures really don’t do it justice.

I’ve started reworking my shawl and haven’t quite decided yet if I’ll be making another Brass and Steam, or a design of my own… I guess only time will tell. I’ll be sure to show it to you once it’s done!

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