This is not only a “YAY!! I’m back in out of the cold!!” but also a “YAY!! I wasn’t charged a missed appointment fee!!

Maybe they thought that what with me having given birth 5 months ago and them getting all that money from me for that, they would graciously waive the “I’m an idiot because I can’t write times down correctly” fee. Or they forget to bill it, who knows whatever the case I didn’t have to pay the $20 or $30 extra.

On another note to the first YAY!! It is freezing ass out there!! The handy dandy Weather Channel gadget on my sidebar is telling me that it’s –9F out…. and folks that does not include the windchill… so really it feels like – well really when its that cold does it really matter what it feels like? (I just looked it up, they say it feels like –32F!!!!! That is insane!) I had a scarf over my mouth and nose, and I still froze the hairs in there in a matter of 2 minutes. The poor dog didn’t want to go pee outside its so cold. I’m looking forward to Saturday, they are calling for 20’s and snow. Who knew I would be happy to see snow.