And the Award goes to…

I am soooooo bad. Vickie has honored me with two more awards (one of which I’ve had since before Christmas!!) and my lazy ass I am just now getting around to passing on the love.

The first award is the one to your right. The rules for this one are to list 5 addictions and then pass it on to 5 others.

My addictions (in no particular order):

* Chocolate (preferably dark or semi sweet – note to all out there: do not buy the 72oz bag of Nestle’s morsels at Sam’s if you don’t plan on using it right away. It saw 2 batches of cookies and then just random hands to mouth since)
* Reading – books, magazines, the internet…. whatever
* Movies – I own over 200 dvd’s and then found Netflix – love it!!
* Procrastinating – trying to change that though because it’s probably not the best addiction
* My little Noah – there I said his name here 🙂 I figure if I use his name on the other blog, then why not here also?

I pass this award on to (fyi although I may not always comment as often as I like on the following blogs I do stalk follow them all):

Yaya – she is such a sweet and funny lady and I hope that she will get what she is longing for
Cassie – she has got the cutest little boy!
Corine – another great mama! Hop on over right now, because she is featuring guest bloggers in her “Letters to Nowhere”
Ally – She actually found me on my other blog. her youngest is just a little older than Noah
Nicole – She is another momma of 3 little boys – she’s always got something good to read about – with 3 little boys there’s always something going on

This next award says that I have to:
1) Say one nice thing to a man in your life…

Honey, I hate to admit it because I despise those sweats, but I still find you incredibly sexy in them!!

2) List at least 6 ways you measure success in your life (or your blog)

* that I’ve found the man I want to grow old with and that he wants the same; our baby is so happy and I get to stay at home with him; I have a great family who I’d do almost anything for and they would do the same; that I am happy with where I am in life right now; that I have some great friends across the globe; that I have been able to see so much of the world already.

Now to pass this on to some other deserving bloggers:

KDLost – I think she loves Lost even more than I do!!
AndreaLeigh – She’s saucy and funny and she has the cutest little dogs around!
Noah’s Mommy – No not me the other one 😉 her little Pooh is adorable and I love her blog
Nicole – She was a SITS Saucygirl and I got hooked. We have a few things in common- she met her hubby online, I met mine online. She had her triplets 8/21/08, that was my due date! I sometimes feel overwhelmed with one infant, but she does it all with 3!!
Dore – She’s always got something going on over at her blog – which she recently had redesigned and it looks great 🙂

Congrats to all of you!! You deserve it! And thank you Vickie!!