I had a date…

Before you go jumping to conclusions, it was with my husband and not anyone else.

You see, before Noah was born, I was working Sundays through Thursdays, so Ray and I would meet for lunch on Fridays. It would be our time together. Sure we would still go out to eat at other times too, but these lunches were different. We hadn’t had one of those lunches since Noah was born… that is not until today.

Ray had driven in to work and I was checking my Google reader while feeding Noah when I got the text asking if I was driving out today. I hadn’t planned on it seeing that I wanted to wash the bedroom carpet (carpet+geriatric incontinent dog = smelly disaster = dog getting caged at night. At least I can throw her bedding in the wash, but I still had to get up twice to take her out). I wrote back telling him that if he needed something, I would be more than happy to run out and get it for him. No, he replied, he didn’t need anything… he would just be going to lunch alone (I guess his work buddy stayed home today). Say no more, I immediately told him that I would pack up the kid and we would pick him up. Which we did.

Lunch was nothing special – just the burrito special at Moe’s. I think why I like it so much though is because it really feels like a date. Not a “hey lets go out to eat together” kind of thing.

Where is the difference you ask? Well for starters, we are not together right away. I can get ready at home – without him seeing me and waiting for me to get done or kicking me out of the bathroom because he needs in there. Then… there’s the actual ride to go pick him up. I still get that little rush when I see him walk out of the door and come towards the car. Sure… the lunches are rushed because we only have an hour. They’re also not very romantic, I mean we can’t go anywhere fancy and then things happen, like today… Noah kept trying to grab the plastic basket and paper away from me causing me to make weird contortions just to try and eat my burrito, but it is so worth it.

I love our lunch dates. I actually missed not having them for so long. It’s been well over a year since our last one, because Ray had started working from home for a few months, and then I started working a regular Mon – Fri schedule right before my maternity leave… so we didn’t have those dates. I hope this is the start of it again though. 🙂

What is it that you do that still gives you that rush?