Another first

Alright, this post is not about any thing fancy. For that matter it was pretty nasty. Noah had another first today, and considering his age it wasn’t too bad (would have been worse had he been older).

You see, the first I’m referring to is… his first throw up. It was not spit up, it was the real thing – The Exorcist style. I was soooo shocked, because it came out of no where. There we were in the kitchen – he was sitting in his bumbo, I was making cheesy garlic bread. I went to go play with him a little while the bread was defrosting in the microwave and that’s when it happened. He just opened his mouth and it flew out.

Now the reason why I said considering his age it wasn’t too bad, is because thankfully he’s so young that he’s not eating any food with any real consistency to it, so it wasn’t too nasty to clean up. He looked shocked after it happened, but didn’t cry. Daddy took him up to get cleaned up and I could hear him starting to laugh in between hiccups. Poor little guy. No clue what caused it. We didn’t start any new foods since we started squash on Thursday.

I guess it is something that I will have to get used to. As much as I would love it, I doubt that he will grow up and move out of the house without ever having had a stomach bug making him throw up. I also doubt that in the future they will all be this easy to clean up (with out gagging!)