Getting to know me Saturday- HUGE oops!!

I wrote about the first few years of my life in this post. I don’t know where my head was at the time, because I got this comment from my baby sister K:

Sooo apparently P and I were never born…NICE!!! btw this is your nonexistent little sister!

In my efforts to keep the post from getting crazy long, I condensed my life after moving to the states but before moving to IL to a few short sentences…. and along the way neglected to mention that I also have a brother P (who is 6 years younger than I am) and K (the baby of our family and she’s 10 1/2 years younger and just turned 21 this year!!).


I don’t want either of them to think in any way shape or form that I intentionally left them out of the story. I had a huge brain fart!!! I’m sorry!!!

I do have some great stories about them growing up, but I’ll save those for later (because the best ones of K are from after we moved to IL anyway!!).