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tell it tuesdays

Here we are again another Tuesday of random thoughts…

This past week has been busy with preparations for Noah’s first birthday party. Please, please, please everyone pray for dry weather this Saturday since we will be having it outside at a local park. We have almost everything ready for it, which is good. I just need to order the food (already know what we’re getting) and then we’re all set.  I can’t believe my baby is turning 1!! Last year at this time I was 3 weeks away from my due date, sweating my butt off and trying to keep my feet from swelling while transitioning into a new program at work (which I have heard has since been canceled and everyone went back to what they had been doing anyway). I had no clue that just 4 days later… on the day that Ray and I had joked about for so long… we would be welcoming this wonderful little, tiny boy into our lives!

Although I’m not on it very much and hardly ever update, I love Facebook. A friend of mine from way back when in Ohio found me on there the other day… I haven’t seen her in probably almost 20 years, but looking at her pictures, I recognized her right away. I also love that it’s a quick and easy way for me to be able to stay connected to friends and family. I really should update some pictures on there now that I think of it.

Noah had his first taste of snow and dungeness crab on Sunday… so much for not breaking any rules… both Ray and I were in the mood for crab legs and we drove over an hour to get to the nearest Joe’s Crab Shack (I guess not many people like seafood in the Midwest). Noah loved the crab! He kept doing his food dance/squirm and we couldn’t get the legs cracked and the meat pulled out fast enough for him!  I had brought a jar of baby food with me just in case he didn’t like the crab (or lord forbid was allergic to it), but there was no need to even open it. Afterward we walked off our meal at a park closer to home… we weren’t able to spend much time there and will definitely have to go to that park again… it was beautiful and very relaxing!

I ordered The No-Cry Nap Solution yesterday (ok my husband did, because he has Amazon Prime). I am at my wits end with nap time and need to find a solution. Noah refuses to sleep in his crib during the day and will only nap on either my lap or in the swing… neither of which are ideal places, since 1) he will  eventually get to big for the swing and 2) I need my lap so I can get things done while he’s napping. I’ve tried putting him to bed when I see that he’s tired, but he just stands and screams and screams and screams some more. Hopefully this will give me some insight and tips that work… I’ll keep you updated!

I’m thinking of making some fried noodles for lunch… leftover spaghetti noodles, drizzled with olive oil and some seasonings, fried together with some bacon and an egg… I top it off with some Parmesan cheese to finish it off… yum!!

What are you having for lunch today? Do any of you have suggestions on how to get Noah to nap better during the day?

8 thoughts on “Tell it Tuesday”

  1. Oh I hope Noah settles down for naps for you soon. Does he have a routine or a set nap time? I find this helps. Is it an option to lay down together on your bed at nap time until he falls asleep? He may just want to be near you.

    I hope you find the answer soon.

    Tania (via SITS)

  2. I still dread naptime…and my daughter’s four. I never know if she’s gonna sleep or not.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. How exciting…his first birthday party! Praying it does not rain for you.

    I am sorry he is giving you a hard time at nap time. I treated naptime like I treated night time and you know what I did:) Wow, that seemed like a tongue twister!

    Good luck, Hon!!

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