Mwahaha… it’s Monday!

Ahhhh, Monday fabulous Monday…. wait… what? Really? I mean I have a mountain of laundry to do – and as if the pile that the three of us makes isn’t large enough, the dog has to add to it. Ahh the love… the love.  No, Monday’s are not fabulous… just the day where things go back to the grind here at home.

Speaking of getting back to the grind… is it just me, or why does it seem that come Monday, the house looks like it was attacked by a tornado over the weekend? I’m not trying to say that my home is in perfect shape throughout the week – just ask my husband… it’s far from perfect and I am far from being little miss Suzy Homemaker or the domestic diva I one day wish to be… it just that it seems to get so much worse on the weekends. Maybe it’s because we are out of the house more on the weekends than any other day… but then, shouldn’t the house be cleaner because of that? I’m so confused.

Monday’s are laundry days here in our home… I always start the day thinking “This is it… this is the week that I get all of the laundry done in one day!”… but that is hardly ever the case. I get through washing and drying about 5 loads… not all of which are able to be folded, because my little helper likes to pull everything out of the laundry basket! (It’s so cute … when the clothes haven’t already been folded of course, not so much when they have… he just starts whipping out the socks right and left with this huge smile on his face).

For some reason, Noah also seems to be crabbier on Mondays (with the exception of when he’s “helping” me). I think it’s a combination of him missing his daddy when he goes back to work and that he has to get back into the “weekly” routine again. Ray was able to witness it first hand last week… he had to come home at lunch to bring his car to have some repairs done, so he worked from home the rest of the day. He’s heard me say before that Noah acts up more on Mondays and boy did he ever… he napped for about 45 minutes total between his 2 naps (and I’m being generous with the time… I doubt it was even that long) and would just screech and complain throughout the whole day.

Needless to say… I’m happy when Monday is over and Tuesday rolls around… I still usually have a mountain of work to do… finish laundry and clean the house in general, as well as get my Tell it Tuesday post written and posted… but it’s so much easier when the boy is happy and not clinging to my ankles. Not to mention it puts us another day closer to the weekend… so that we can do it all over again!

What are your Mondays like? Does a tornado find it’s way through your home on the weekends too or is it just mine?

10 thoughts on “Mwahaha… it’s Monday!”

  1. My house is just the opposite. My Friday night it looks like a tornado has been thru – unlike you, my tornado is 29 not 1….so he can make quite a few messes. Thankfully, Saturdays are my designated clean up days. I dust, vaccum, do laundry, and clean the bathrooms. Then when hubby gets home from working on the farm (we own 12 acres of blueberry plants as a side business with my BIL and FIL) we wash our two pups, clean the bathrooms, and sweep/mop the kitchen. Needless to say, by Saturday evening I am exhausted.

  2. Oh yeah… laundry, the never ending task. Bleh.

    I used to wish I was a domestic diva or Suzy homemaker… now I’m glad I’m not. Housework. Nah! I’d rather do just about anything else.

  3. My house is just the opposite. I have to have everything ready for a new week Sunday night. (of course its just me, so its not too hard) But then as the week goes on, things pile up and I tackle them all again on the weekend. I love Monday! Sad but true 🙂

  4. Our place is often a mess on Saturdays, but I think it’s because my guy and I work M-F, and by Saturday things have gotten out of control. We just have a fish, and he doesn’t make much mess, so I’m sure things will change if we ever have kiddos.

    Love your blog – I’m stopping by from SITS.

  5. I suck at cleaning!! The only reason why the floor is picked up is because of Parker. If I didn’t clean the floor he would chew whatever was on the floor. Before Paker…tornado everyday:)

    Right now Jason is out of town and will not be back until Wednesday night. So…the dishes are piling up and the laundry is over flowing.

  6. Opps! I forgot to comment that I have an award for you on my blog. So in your free time, check it out, lol!!!!! Free time, HA!!!

  7. Great post! And, I just have to say that your blog totally rocks! It’s absolutely adorable!! I’m so jealous, I hope mine will look like this one day!!! Of course, every time I see a cute design I want it to look like that, so even when I can finally afford a professional blog makeover, I doubt I’ll ever get one because I won’t be able to chose just one design! Sigh.

    So, back to the post. In my house it’s split up the middle. Half the time it’s a train wreck on Monday and half the time it’s about the same. I think it all depends on what we did over the weekend. If we were out a lot, train wreck; if we stayed in, not so much. Great post either way!

    I just found your blog via SITS and I’m so glad I did. I can’t wait to read more!!!

    Angela from Angela’s Soliloquy

    PS-I’m giving away a $25.00 Visa Gift Card at my blog, so come on over and enter if you have a free moment! The money could go towards buying you a little treat for surviving the drama of Monday!

  8. Hello Mama Michie,

    Funny a woman at my church named Jametra has the same nickname :-).
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello. I appreciate it.

  9. Yesterday I stared at my laundry most of the day hoping it would do itself. If only! I usually do all the laundry in one day but it literally takes ALL DAY. I like just getting it done and over with though!

    Our house gets picked up/cleaned at least 2-3 times a day. I have two little ones who drag out toys all day long so they pick up toys all day long too !

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