Noah’s Party and other updates

Well… as all of you who have been following this blog know, Noah turned 1 on Saturday. I woke up at 6:30 not only to a barking dog who wanted to go out, but also to rain… hot humid nasty rain! They were forecasting it though, so I wasn’t surprised. I was just hoping and praying that it would stop before the party started at 2:30 and that it wouldn’t be the sweltering hot 90’s+ (with a heat index of over 100!!) that they were calling for.

My prayers were answered and everything ended up turning out great… the rain stopped and there was a great wind (so strong that it blew away a bunch of the balloons Ray’s mom had bought and it made it impossible for us to put up any tablecloths or streamers) so that it never felt too hot. I thought I would share some of the pictures that Ray took.


In other news, Noah had his 12 month check up on Monday. He got his MMR vaccination and had a finger prick test to check his iron levels. Needless to say he was not happy about either. He didn’t gain much in the past 3 months despite eating like a champ. He now weighs in at 20 lb 4 oz, is 30 inches tall  and has a 48 cm head circumference.

This is how he’s grown since birth:

birth – 08/08/08   w= 6lb 1.5 oz     l=  20 1/2 in   head = who knows it was pointy anyway! 😉

2 weeks – 08/22/08    w= 6lb 10oz (6%)     l= 20 3/4 in (53%)   h= 34.5cm (10%)

2 months – 10/09/08    w= 12lb 5oz  (65%)     l= 22 1/4 in (24%)   h= 39.5cm (38%)

4 months – 12/10/08    w= 15lb 10oz  (53%)     l= 24 in (16%)   h= 42.5cm (56%)

6 months – 02/09/09    w= 17lb 12oz  (45%)     l= 26 3/4 in (60%)   h= 45cm (80%)

9 months – 05/08/09    w= 19lb 15oz  (70%)     l= 28 3/4 in (40%)   h= 46.5cm (85%)

12 months – 08/10/09  w= 20lb 4oz (15%)   l= 30in (60%) h=48cm(90%!!!!!)

So do we notice how despite the percentages going up and down with height and weight, his head just keeps going up and up and up? Yeah… he’s got his daddies giant noggin! I thought it was funny that the nurse measured his head twice, because she just didn’t think it could be that big! I guess I just have a skinny average height boy with a giant head! 😉

As for milestones… he’s still not talking, just babbling along. He’s still cruising his little heart out, but hasn’t tried walking without help yet. He does stand on his own for longer than just a few seconds now. He’s fascinated by airplanes and points at them whenever he hears one. He loves to point… at the fan, at airplanes and at anything that he may happen to want. He can help clean up now and loves putting things away or handing them to me. His face lights up as soon as he hears that daddy is home. He’s just becoming his own little man and it is so great to see how he grows everyday.

I still can’t believe I’m a mom to a toddler though!!

7 thoughts on “Noah’s Party and other updates”

  1. Ray takes awesome photos!

    I hear ya on how the time flies by! I’ll be writing a post similar to this in a couple of weeks! Eek!

    Looks like Noah had a good time playing cornhole! His smile is so infectious! And I’m so happy to hear that the weather worked out for you!

  2. what a fabulous party….It’s so hard when the hit one….you leave your baby behind…and now are a mommy to a new child….it’s taken me a few months to get to know my new little man….but what an adventure you are on now….fabulous….

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