Foto Friday

foto friday

Noah's 1st Birthday 008 foto friday post 8.14.09

Ray’s mom stopped by early on Noah’s birthday so that he could be dressed in a traditional Korean first birthday outfit. Unfortunately, it was about 3 sizes too big, so Noah was swimming in it and because of that, he kept fighting us and kept trying to take off the pants and hat… thankfully Ray was able to get a decent picture or 2 before Noah got too crabby.

12 thoughts on “Foto Friday”

  1. Noah is just adorable! The outfit is just gorgeous, and he’ll be able to wear it again! And I can’t say enough about Ray’s photography skills!

  2. Oh! Noah is so cute. The outfit being extra big makes Noah even cuter:)

    Sooooooo, I am guessin’ there is Korean in Ray’s family:)

  3. So cute! I am into photography and looove pictures, so I came across your site on SITS and had to comment on this picture. I just launched a blog for moms and I am currently doing a giveaway so you should come on by and check it out. I was also wanting to know if you wanted to do a button swap? 🙂

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