Foto Friday 9/4/09

foto friday

Labor Day weekend riding - foto friday 9.4.09

Labor Day Weekend the gang - foto friday 9.4.09

This weekend two years ago, Ray, his brother, friends of ours and I took the best ride (I feel) we had ever ridden on the Harley. It was also the last real ride that I was to ever take on the bike, seeing that afterward I got pregnant and wasn’t able to ride it before Ray sold it.

The day started out simple enough… we met for breakfast intending to ride west about an hour to a town that we thought was having a railroad festival… well it wasn’t and we changed our plans. When the day was over we ended up riding nearly 400 miles in 2 states (Illinois and Iowa), crossed the Mississippi and nearly got killed by an opossum! (I swear the thing jumped out at us on a dark and deserted stretch of Route 20 just east of Galena… ok, so maybe it was just trying to cross the rode, but we seriously were almost in an accident because of that stupid, ugly animal).

The pictures above were taken a) in a parking garage in Dubuque, Iowa… I saw one of those cheap candy machine rings lying next to the bike and Ray thought it would be cute to “propose”…  and b) that is a picture of the 5 of us… we took a break to get an up close look at one of the wind turbines in a wind park right off of I80… those things are huge!!!

8 thoughts on “Foto Friday 9/4/09”

  1. I thought the first picture was the real thing. Then I thought, how romantic, he still has the ciggie in his mouth:) Your Blog Frog says I haven’t been here in 25 days!! That can’t be true!?

  2. He must be a romancer….or not. lol

    I never realized that I took my last ride about 3 years ago…It’ll be a while before we will go to Bike Week or Biketoberfest and I know I miss it!

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