Tell it Tuesday – 9/8/09

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The weekend is over and it’s back to normal now. We enjoyed the long holiday weekend at home. Ray started feeling funny last week and we thought that his allergies might be bothering him… well it seems that it might be more of a sinus infection than an allergy problem. The poor guy just seemed run down and had a splitting headache all weekend. He was a sweetheart though and managed to give my car a much needed tune-up (a service engine soon light may have sparked that – oops!).

We basically laid low all weekend, just running errands. We did finish watching Season 1 of Heroes… can I say that I am hooked on that show?!! Wow!! And while I’m gushing about that… can I just say that I love that we can stream Netflix on our BluRay palyer!! Love it!!

Let the gushing continue… my little baby boy – the one who is 13 months old today – has peed on the potty not once, not twice, but 3 times since yesterday! I bought the potty a few weeks ago just to have it, knowing that I would like to have him potty trained by the time the baby arrives in April. I was getting ready to shower yesterday (and shower Noah at the same time) and thought it might be good just to set him on it and see if he’ll stay on it. We’ve tried it before and he would always jump off right away. Well this time he’s just sitting there and gets this look on his face… he was peeing!! I did the happy dance and he was so proud to see me and his daddy so happy. I tried again twice today and both times he peed again!! I wasn’t planning on potty training him so soon, but if its working I will go with it!! I may be dreaming, but I think I might see an end to daytime diapers on the horizon!!

Noah is also walking a lot more now!! It’s great to see him getting more and more mobile and secure on his feet… now if he would only start talking!

(I’ll have to get a picture of him on his potty next time – it’s too cute – in the meantime… thanks for reading!)

7 thoughts on “Tell it Tuesday – 9/8/09”

  1. Love low key weekends too!

    And wowzers on the potty training – I hope it continues to go as smoothly for you.

    I gave you an award over @ my blog – make sure to check it out!

  2. Yeah Noah! that is awesome!…..I know though…wish my son would really start talking more…and we’re almost at 19 months…..but then…I know once he does….he won’t stop!

  3. I am a little late on commenting on this, but I hope he is still going on the potty for you. Michaela and Adela are 20 months apart and I was changing two diapers for quite a while. But really it was not a problem, I didn’t mind. I only trained my kids when they were starting nursery/preschool. So we just went with the flow. I will probably start with Adela next summer.

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