10/23/09 {Foto Friday}

foto friday

I just had to snap a picture of this. I drove down to my mom’s recently while my sister’s and little E were there. We had just eaten and both of the little kids were very contently watching some YouTube videos with my sister K. Noah kept trying to put his arms around E’s neck to pull her over and give her a kiss, but kept grabbing her face instead (which she didn’t like!!). Eventually he gave up trying to give her a big fat MWAH! (he seriously makes that noise every time he gives a kiss) and did this instead…

hands and elbows

…he put his arm around her!!! It was just too cute to see his little hand sneak around her back and then just rest there while they watched their videos. Seeing him be so cute and loving almost makes me forget what a pain he is at bedtime… but only almost. 😉

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