Little Girl Update

I haven’t really been mentioning the pregnancy much, so I thought I would put the spotlight on little girl for a moment or two.

Mainly this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful, even more so than Noah’s. Ray has told me that I am acting differently quite a few times… a little more on edge and crabby if you will (though he chose other words). He says that is what gave away that this was going to be a girl in the first place. Unlike my pregnancy with Noah, I am happy to report that I am able to eat salads!! I realized it a few weeks ago while I was devouring a Caesar Salad… something that would have made me gag with Noah! I haven’t had any real morning sickness with either pregnancy… queasiness maybe but nothing that made me kiss the porcelain throne.

I have noticed that I am much, much bigger with her than I was with him. I think that I may get my 9 pound baby after all… leave it to my girl to take after her mama! My doctors do want to take extra precautions with her. You see, as uneventful as it was I did have a few problems with Noah’s pregnancy. In the early stages I started bleeding – a lot – and had to make a trip to the ER. It turned out that my placenta had started to tear away from the uterine wall. I had to take it easy for a while and after a few weeks (by week 15) the spotting had stopped and everything seemed normal. It was all ok up until my 38 week appointment when they told me he hadn’t grown any in the prior three weeks. So we set everything in motion to have him and he ended up being born 30 minutes before the induction was scheduled. He had a few problems in the early weeks and I honestly think that it had to do with the fact that I had the placenta problem early on. After I passed the placenta, the Dr commented on how tiny it was, leading me to think that it just wasn’t big enough to support him correctly for the full 40 weeks.

Anywho… I have had none of the above problems with her, but the Dr’s want to be extra careful and would like to do some extra ultrasounds to check on her growth at 28 and 36 weeks so that they can be sure she’s growing the way she should be. She was measuring a little small at my 18 week appointment, but then again I had the ultrasound earlier than they would have liked (I was flying to Florida though and wanted to make sure everything was ok before we left… plus I really wanted to know if she was a boy or girl!!). The fact that I am so much bigger now than I was with Noah at this same stage, leads me to believe that she will be a bigger baby after all. She’s not very active throughout the day, but she makes up for that at night. She’s also a strong little kicker… I didn’t write it down with Noah, but I’m pretty sure Ray was able to feel her kicks earlier that he felt Noah’s.

So I am now 25 1/2 weeks and I’ve gained about 25 pounds…. I gained about 45 total with Noah in those 38 weeks… we’ll see how much I gain total with her. Though my belly button is still in, it’s getting stretched to the point where I know it will pop before she’s born… it never did with Noah. I don’t have any stretch marks… yet… I’m just waiting for the day when I step out of the shower and see those tell tale lines going across my butt… and I’m sure another apology will probably be needed.

So that’s about it so far… like I said… a non eventful and pretty boring pregnancy as far as pregnancy’s go. My next appointment is the first week of January and I’ll have the glucose screening at that time… woo hoo!! I can’t believe how fast everything has been going… I can’t believe that I’m almost in the 3rd trimester already! I’ll keep you updated… and if you’re lucky you might even get a belly shot, but for now that’s all folks!

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  1. YAY for a sono picture!! As for the stretch marks, etc – I promise that you don’t want them!! I didn’t think I was going to get any – thought I’d be lucky and skip that part – but oh no…they with a vengeance…but only after the babe was born. Also, I heard (though I don’t know b/c I’ve only ever had one babe so far) that you get much larger with your second – and subsequent – babe than with your first…not sure why, but probably b/c your skin has already been stretched out once before. Just a thought…she might end up being a peanut after all!

    .-= Working Mommy┬┤s last blog ..Lesson #31 – One Joint Christmas Dinner Is Better Than One…Right?! =-.

  2. I had a terrible pregnancy, really sick and not even showing till about 25 weeks, then I suddenly ballooned. Had the most amazing birth experience though – totally beautiful. Good luck – you’re making me wish I was pregnant again… oh how quickly I’ve forgotten the horrible sickness…
    .-= Luschka┬┤s last blog ..Creatively Yours this Christmas =-.

  3. I am happy that things are going well:D I had issues with Lindsey in the beginning. I was bleeding, but everything turned out okay. Though after I misscarried my second pregnancy my doctor was a little cautious with my third pregnancy. Which also turned out fine and gave me Mini You;)

    Morning sickness:p I had it with all three babies. With Adela it started earlier and ended much later.
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