Noah vs Chuck E Cheese’s

Ray and I needed to get out of the house… the only problem is that it is FRIGID out there right now. So we bundled Noah up in his new hat and mittens and his winter coat…

got into the car where the thermometer quickly dropped from the 24 degrees that it was in the garage to this…

Just to clarify… the 70 degrees was what we wanted the temp to be in the car… it was only 5 degrees outside!

We had decided that Noah needed to get out, run around and release some of that energy that he had stored from being cooped up in the house for 2 days… so off to Chuck E Cheese’s we drove… for the first time. We got to the parking lot and it was packed… looked through the windows and all you saw were bodies big and small running all over the place. We braved it and went in despite the fact that it looked extremely busy. While there were a lot of people and kids there, it really wasn’t too overly crowded.

Noah did what any other kid would do… after checking out the place for a few minutes from the safety of my lap, he wanted to get down and run around. He wasn’t too sure about the rides… in fact Ray said that when he tried to set Noah on the first one, Noah was stiff as a board and refused to sit! He quickly got used to it though and although he looks serious in almost all of the pictures, he was having a great time and kept running back and forth between his 3 favorite rides.

(Checking out Bob the Builder… it was pretty funny to watch Noah on this ride, since he would “dance” to the Bob the Builder theme song that played)

(checking out all of the buttons on the Barney ridehe loved the whistle and would keep pushing that one)

(Trying to get Noah to eat and take a picture w/ daddy, but as you can see he was to busy planning his escape to look at the camera and smile)

(He quickly learned what the tokens were for and where they went!)

I think I was getting on his nerves taking pictures and video (I still have to figure out how to edit and post that since Ray usually does that!). I think this ride was his favorite and he probably rode it 10 – 15 times!

Like I said, from the pictures you can’t tell that he was having a good time, but as soon as Ray mentioned the “H” word (home), Noah started to protest! We will definitely be taking him again, probably before the winter is over! He was all smiles and wouldn’t stop babbling in the car. After being home for 45 minutes (almost 90 past bedtime), he was ready and willing to go to bed,but it still took him another 15 minutes in his crib to calm down enough to go to sleep. It was comical watching him through the baby monitor as he tried to settle into the perfect sleep position, tossing and turning and babbling away to his toys. I’m sure he’ll be dreaming of Bob, Barney and lots of other things tonight!

8 thoughts on “Noah vs Chuck E Cheese’s”

  1. My husband wants to take Jackson to Chuck E Cheese so badly, but I didn’t know if he would enjoy it or not at his age. Maybe we will have to try it after all!
    .-= Cassie´s last blog ..Happy =-.

  2. He does look iritated in that last photo! He is so adorable!!

    Did he eat? When we first took Lindsey she ate her pizza first then we let her play. But on other visits she refused to eat and just wants to play. Now she is 9 and no longer fights with us when we say it is time to eat.

    One of her friends has a birthday party on Friday and they are doing it at Chuck’s. I really don’t want to go;) Really.
    .-= Vickie´s last blog ..Happy New Year!! =-.

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